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  • First look or not to look, the decision

    The first look question that involves some factors that have a history background.

    Back in the days, those of medieval marriages, the bride barely knew his future husband, sometimes as you’ve heard, couples were arranged months before by their parents to get married one day, social position or business were the main factors  for them to arrange the future marriage.

    The first view between them, wouldn’t ever be possible as we know it today. Imagine one medieval night, in your castle with your father, casual night, and they tel you, “Hey daughter, get ready cause tonight you’ll meet your future husband..” I mean, I would be like “What!?, who is he and why today? I mean, I haven’t even shaved legs or had a haircut lately”… That would have caused me a slap in the face and 2 days in the dark room, but, well, let’s say that didn’t happen and your first look would have been in the long table from side to side, and you wouldn’t even been able to look at him close enough to see if he had white teeth or the color if his eyes, or worse even, nice smell.

    More in history…

    Some years after in history, land was already distributed between the sons of the sons of the sons of those mentioned business medieval men, and tradition started to change a little, now they let the girl meet his boyfriend some months in advance, talk a little more between them, but, always with the watchful eye of the grandma or aunt or who ever was OK to put in the middle so the couple wouldn’t come close enough to hold their hands! So, they met for a few months, girl and boy always lived in their parent’s houses until the wedding night. The first look of the couple was only on the walk down the aisle, cause it was “bad luck” to see the dress, the shoes, the veil, or whatever had to do with the bride before getting married, and they didn’t want an unfortunate married life.

    I find this somehow romantic, you know? A part of me holds tradition and superstitions pretty well as a Mexican (-spanish-french traditions), and after all I think that good things are for those who wait. So I like that first look until the walk down the aisle…

    Couples today

    Nowadays the couple has all the control of who and when and how. Parents get very little or almost not involved in this decision, couples get married a little older than years before, sometimes even pay for their weddings, that means now, they are the land owners!  The first look tradition is now understood in a different way, it gives a private moment to the couple before the walk down the aisle, it doesn’t mean they’ll walk together down the aisle but, it helps them release the nerve and save this beautiful moments with their photographer. It also helps if after the ceremony you won’t have much time for photo session due to bad weather or early sunset, or just because you prefer to spend the time during the cocktail with your guests instead of filling the time freeze – smiling to the camera.

    We are in a more personal era, so you’re free to choose, and whatever you decide it’s the right decision!

    So how do you feel about the first look now, which is your preferred?

    Pictures taken by:

    Moments that Matter photography

    Eme Studio Cinematographers

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