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    Hello everyone! This is your wedding planner writing,

    Wow, so it’s a sunny day in Cancun and after a busy week and lots of ideas in my mind, I came to the decision to talk to you a little about me, and how my life ended being a wedding planner.

    Nowadays we rarely speak on the phone or even more difficult, in person with others, you know? Communication is so changed up to now that finding a way to get closer to others is a little hard and overwhelming sometimes, and more if you’re not totally millennial, like me.  I’m like in the middle, I was born millennial but my older sister is not, so most of the things I learned were from before the 80’s culture, and my younger brother he’s millennial, so like i said, communication with him is actually more effective and quicker via email or what’s app rather than in person. It’s weird but funny too, as I get to know him better, I understand him better and obviously love him more.

    I wanted you to know me cause what I want in the end is get to know you couples better, which is in the real end of this post and my website.

    I’m gonna start where I studied marketing and officially worked at a marketing department only during my internship at a Jeweller group in Cancun for some months, once I changed to work at a nightclub group (Mandala and The City nightclubs in Cancun) my whole vision of me in the future changed. One day I saw this guy across my desk (wait, it was not a crush, that’s a whole other story) it was actually a crush on what he seemed to do, he seemed like a leader, all people from different departments approached to ask him so many questions about timings, set ups, vendors, clients, visits; and he gave answer to each of them with such a control of the situation that I said, “Hmm I wanna have that control and such a big team or event going on in my hands”. I guess it’s a thing of personality, leadership and team work was built in me I guess, during my 10 years of playing sports full time as a youngster. A forward thinking and controller character, I guess from my mom. Imagine, my sister, she’s an air traffic controller, HA!! even more control-zillia than me LOL.

    Well time passed, one day I FARE took the job and starting from scratch suddenly I was organising and coordinating all events, besides theme parties, events for 1000 people in a place that was not actually prepared for such a banquet, or in a beach club, in which the bali beds were all in the middle of the way cause it was not actually built for a private event, either, although, this industry was growing more and more in Cancun and any scenery was adaptable and attractive for clients, if we, vendors put all the elements together, which was part of my job and challenges, which I loved!

    After a time I was like, “this is too much night life for me, 5 years had passed and a cycle was closing, I need a change..”… So I left the industry of events for a couple of years until something happened. You know how much is told about the laws of attraction, like when you want a car, a specific model, suddenly you see all of them in the city or in advertising… well I found myself missing this past way of life so much and asked the universe to put me something infant so I could continue doing what I loved, the advertising of the certification popped up and I was one in a short time in a Wedding Planner course.

    The rest is history that can be told in a thousand pictures! It’s a non stop job but it’s also a way of life, I always liked meeting people from around the world, listening to what they do, their cultures, their ways of life, their dreams and concerns. It’s doing what I love and loving what I do for a Hacked living… It’s rewarding when in the end of the day I have even found friendship with couples who I was in contact with for months.

    So this is me, I hope you enjoyed my crazy little story of how I became wedding planner,  I’m an open book if you wanna ask anything, and now please, tell me more about you 🙂 I’m all ears!


    My past job:


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