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    “So I’m gonna rap a little for you” and so Jodie did. Aaron’s face was full in surprise when Jodie started rapping for him before the party boosted up! We couldn’t expect less from a lady, sister of 3 other girls, full in talents and a great heart. Particularly speaking of Hollie, the Maid of Honor, she seemed to be more in the bride play more de than Jodie who seemed more relaxed those previous days,  from the vivienda moment they stepped into Mexican land, she started putting a check mark on every single detail, speaking for the bride on the phone for some pending affairs, (even then the hearer thought Jodie had changed her voice) trying to calm Jodie’s and Aaron’s nerves on the blood test for the legal marriage… All those little moments have been so special, even though we were solving a little situation. But what, if not for this type of things are brides maids for, right? I’m sure Jodie and Aaron will keep these days in their memories for ever, as much as I already cheap nba jerseys have in mine.
    My memories of this special day for Aaron and Jodie are from behind the scene, although full of emotions too, and I couldn’t stop thinking of it, so here’s my story:
    One week before Decided the wedding Cancun and Riviera Maya had -apparently-  the official beginning of rainy season, these pouring rains seemed so unexpected (4-5 days of non stop drops) but well, we are at a tropical area so, nothing was written. So the moment arrived and and the million dollar question popped up from Jodie’s mom: “looking at this weather, what is our plan B, cheap jerseys Celeste?”
    I couldn’t planer stop thinking that one day before in a little reunion with Jodie, Aaron and again Hollie, she started asking the waiter, to please call Jesus Christ to get it over with the rain before the wedding. I sincerely tried to call too, but the lines were too damaged with so many clouds, all I had in my hands was two palapas, curtains and a handful of prayers.
    So i said: “look, we have the palapa for the reception with curtains, so there is no need of plan B, and we also have another smaller palapa for the ceremony as a back up, there’s nothing to worry about, we just need to make sure your dress doesn’t get wet, we get a full plastic cover for it, etc etc…  (meanwhile I was looking at the national weather forecast every single minute and it was so dynamic I felt it was a joke of the rain gods or Jesus Christ or actually of the weather forecaster, the wind was blowing from east to west with more than I don’t know how many mm of water a day) and out of my infinite hope and deep from my heart said the magic words: “everything will be perfect” and continue driving patiently under a grey, rainy sky.
    The big day had to come and the unbelievable was in front of our eyes, a sky full of sunlight, partially cloudy but nothing to worry wholesale MLB jerseys about, but, like I said before nothing was written and by 3 pm the sky became a little grey, yes, to worry and foresee about.
    Long story short, I can say Jodie and Aaron were two fortunate love birds for these reasons: we set up two different gazebos, one under the back up palapa, with an stunning view of the sunset falling over the mangrove and jungle of the Riviera Maya, and another one, closer to the ocean, also expecting the red and orange of the sunset, with hanging golden hearts. The team of photographers and videographers had an amazing day to work, a previous day hiding inside mayan caves with spring waters and the wedding day under a clean, lovely sky.
    Only one cloud passed through our wedding, and I say “our” because in the end, this day was also mine, this the day was also for me to feel passion about, share and remember. Only one cloud passed with rain drops and just like the legends say, it was to bless Jodie and Aaron’s union in Mexico.
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