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  • Marriage proposal at Tulum

    How Alberto did a marriage proposal at Tulum!

    Yesterday and the whole past week was a long day for Alberto while trying to plan a a proposal night at the Hartwood restaurant in the main touristic area of Tulum. He contacted a friend who’s bride to be sister in law who will get married near Tulum today, in one year, but that’s another story!

    So he contacted a friend at work, who knew a girl in Tulum, who knew another girl who had an english bulldog who would be the main actress to carry the Tiffany’s ring to the then: fianceé to be. Messages went on and on with the planning of the proposal and we all took care of the logistics, the dog was already in the list, then we needed to go to Playa del Carmen before getting to Tulum, to pick the engagement ring to the hotel where they stayed. It was a long day to come!

    By the way, this little hotelito, it’s somehow hidden and private in Playa del Carmen, but after seeing it, I’d like to recommend the Casa Ticul for future travelers, it’s a Mexican little casa / house hotel for adults only right in the middle of 5th Ave. in Playa del Carmen, ideal for couples!

    Rest hanger for the room

    Pool garden area at Casa Ticu

    Art in the Muna Garden at Casa Ticul

    When I grabbed the ring from Alberto’s shoe inside his bag, I really felt this huge weigh of responsibility with this guy, I mean, he knew me from recommendations only, but wait, it’s not ONLY recommendations, it’s a huge thing, he put all his trust in people whom he had never met before, this weigh in my shoulders made me feel even prouder, I’m not being modest or anything, but I like to be someone you can trust in and put such a responsibility on.

    The proposal kit

    Driving out of Playa I couldn’t avoid the legendary stop at Los Aguachiles, to have my tostada of aguachile, and fresh tuna. Tostada is a dry fried tortilla served as a base for the aguachile or the tuna or shrimp, whatever you’re having, and well, don’t forget to try their sauces of coriander, tamarind and chipotle, yummy!!

    Then I got to Tulum, stayed in this particular hostel called Tubo Tulum, I love how my work takes me to places that maybe I wouldn’t haven’t met anyhow, I found this one and immediately felt attracted by its pictures and its particular way of setting it up, inside these big tubes that, for what I understand, are part of the big drain constructions under the cities. :O Right? Love its originality, besides its really clean, comfortable, very very nice!

    My room at Tubo Tulum

    Anyways, I’m here to tell the story of how Alberto and Leslie got engaged, but I always end up talking about other stuff additional reading. When we got to the restaurant, Mila the dog, her mama, and myself, I had to walk in to see if they were already seating, somehow I felt the connection with Alberto, he was staring outside every 2 minutes, I guess, it was to see if he recognized us! Mila was calling the attention of everyone at Tulum, this little creature! She had the banner with the question and the ring hung from her fatty lovely neck, everyone wanted to take pictures at her!

    Mila getting ready session

    Mila, the bull dog actress

    Alberto made this baseball sign with his hands and then we walked through the crowds, I mean really crowds, the restaurant was packed! Everyone knew what was happening and even i felt it was all so quick, Leslie couldn’t tell what was happening, this accomplice suddenly appeared by their table feet, sniffing as only bull dogs do, we put a pillow for Alberto to kneel and he popped the question!! Everyone started whistling and applauding, singing for this couple that sparkled the night with their magic and love.

    The proposal moment!

    She said yes!

    I could go on and on, but the rest is another story, Tulum and this day was perfect, so perfect, it was sunny during the day and just when everything had been done, the sky blessed us with a rainny romantic and refreshing night of December the 9th!

    I forgot to tell that I love this job, it also brings me to beautiful people who any other way I wouldn’t have met, people who have dreams, who believe and put their hopes in love.