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  • Things you should NOT do before your wedding

    In my humble opinion, these are the things, by periods of time, that you have to, one day, but just not before your wedding.

    6 months or less the wedding: Drop the pill…

    FOR MANY REASONS: you could get pregnant for starters, which is a blessing, but remember, just not right now; you could have a hormone misadjustment, that will take months to recover, I mean, who wants to see you with a new facial skin, or with a whole new temperament, or why would you want your hair to change completely… I don’t know!! Women’s bodies are so different and so are reactions… The previous months are just enough for you to be nervous to make it even harder. So don’t.

    Close-up of woman's hands holding blister packet of contraceptive pills

    About birth control

    5 months before the wedding: Preferably, not change your job. 

    I know sometimes this is out of your control, and we always hope for the best BUT if you don’t have to do it right now, then don’t, remember the benefits of vacation when you’re employee, don’t come until a longer period has passed.

    4 months before the wedding: Look at the forecast and think it’s a good prediction time, not even 3, 2, 1 month, before or looking at the last year’s weather history… AT LEAST if you’re getting married in Riviera Maya, the weather is SO un-pre-dic-table, the best days to become alert is 1 week before, start reconsidering your plan B, so you still have availability for tents, for example.


    3 months before the wedding: Argue with your bridesmaids

    We girls go crazy sometimes, but also, our bridesmaids are supposed to be our best friends and they’ll be there forever; treat them well, enjoy the process of having them all to give you their most sincere opinions, make them participate, always mark limits but never fight them, sometimes it takes longer to reconcile again for the most single stupid arguments! Im not saying  you have to argue with them sometimes, if this is avoidable, then don’t and be happy!

    2 months before the wedding: Cut your hair.. Another no no. 

    You’ve been planning this for months and you know you’ll wear a dreamy veil or crown or tiara, then… all the pieces of your dream are in the floor, swept by a dirty broom. No no… You can wear all types argan oil, shampooing, products, or whatever you need, and that you feel safe for you hair, but never cutting.

    Young woman looking at split ends. Damaged long hair

    Hello Magazine

    1 month before the wedding: Start doing an extreme sport

    Extreme sports

    I think of this very much since I’m very outdoors and a little adventurer, BUT, what if YOU are and for some reason, mother nature decided to put a rock on the path and break your ankles, no no… No new stuff allowed, keep it safe and simple.

    extreme sport

    1 week before the wedding: Take a tan like there was no tomorrow!

    I know the beaches and sunny days in Riviera Maya are unique, but take it easy, you only need a few minutes to go really red… or even worse, double coloured!! You don’t want tan lines with your beautiful dress, so wat I recommend is wear sun block of course but also try to get your tan under a partially traslucid umbrella. And, with a margarita in your hand— It doesn’t help to the tan at all but, it’ll keep you fresh and happy!

    bad suntan


    I hope these are useful and if you feel like giving more ideas to other brides, please send your suggestions to My mail