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    Marriage proposal at Tulum

    Find out how a guy proposed his girl in Tulum with the help of 2 girls and a bulldog!


    Things you should NOT do before your wedding

    In my humble opinion, these are the things, by periods of time, that you have to, one day, but just not before your wedding. 6 months or less the wedding: Drop the pill… FOR MANY REASONS: you could get pregnant for starters, which is a blessing, but remember, just not right now; you could have […]



    “So I’m gonna rap a little for you” and so Jodie did. Aaron’s face was full in surprise when Jodie started rapping for him before the party boosted up! We couldn’t expect less from a lady, sister of 3 other girls, full in talents and a great heart. Particularly speaking of Hollie, the Maid of […]